USSD payments

(service for mobile operators and aggregators)

USSD payments (unstructured value-added service data) is another opportunity to make payments through the application, without even going to the Internet. The request service allows you to manage communication services and expenses: top up your mobile number, find out the balance, activate or deactivate the service, block the card, and much more. The USSD protocol allows the subscriber to quickly exchange information with the service application.

Technology characteristics

USSD technology allows mobile operators to quickly and remotely serve customers at any time. For the user, requests are presented in the form of a short message, which begins and ends with * and #, respectively.


All GSM phones support this technology, so no additional connections or installation of applications is required.

The combinations are short and simple, so they give customers the ability to self-manage their mobile phone.

The technology works around the clock and promptly provides the user with the necessary data. It is free and does not require an internet connection.

Combination list is a basic option and allows mobile operators to improve and automate the process of providing services. To automate the acceptance of payments in accordance with security standards and payment rules, special software systems are being developed - USSD payment gateways.