Web cash register

Web cash register is a cash register application designed to automate the cashier's workflow. Accepting payment on the site allows you not to be tied to certain equipment (phones, tablets, personal computers). Online cash registers are very mobile and allow for off-site sales.

Payment system development: advantages

The main feature of online cash registers is the creation of electronic fiscal documents. Moreover, all data is stored on built-in disks and is automatically transferred to the tax authorities. It is much more convenient to accept payments on the site than using stationary cash registers. It is possible to develop a system that will work in conjunction with 1C programs.

  • The online payment system provides:
  • printing receipts from the application to any printer;
  • lack of a traditional cash desk;
  • data synchronization with the tax service;
  • universal work on any device;
  • Convenient reporting and closing of the shift;
  • sending checks by sms or e-mail;
  • storage of an electronic archive and the ability to reprint receipts.

The creation of a payment system can be ordered from the specialists of the PaySoft company. All products are designed in accordance with the wishes of the buyers.