Terminal software development

Payment terminal software is the ability to work with payments for your own Internet providers, which are not available in payment systems. The program is created with individual characteristics, including customizable input forms with the required number of fields, support for various skins (designs) that you can create yourself or upload to your personal account, and other important settings. The system safely handles online transactions and requests.

Characteristics and features of terminal software

The program allows you to quickly and easily make any payments thanks to a convenient and flexible interface.

  • Payment terminal software:
  • designed to connect devices to payment service providers;
  • works with many existing payment systems;
  • allows you to manage a self-service device;
  • a wide range of roles from viewing payments to cash collection;
  • makes it possible to connect and exchange data with resources of remote authorization;
  • includes maintenance of internal event logs and log files;
  • has the functionality of sending events to mail or via SMS;
  • can be equipped with automatic input of details for certain payments;
  • the commission has a flexible setting, which is selected according to individual requirements.

The terminal software provides round-the-clock real-time operation. To get started, just insert the USB stick with the software into the motherboard and configure the system. Development of software for payment terminals is carried out taking into account the wishes of the client.