SMS payments

(service for mobile operators and aggregators)

SMS billing is a system that processes payments from a wallet. It consists in debiting a certain set amount from the wallet after sending an SMS to the specified number. The service can be provided by sending a text message or a blank message. In this way, the purchase of digital content or goods is carried out.

Properties and characteristics of SMS payments

SMS payments are an easy way to make electronic payments using mobile communications. When setting up SMS billing, an additional percentage is added to the cost of the services provided, which goes to the company's account (upper and lower commission). The system can be considered a payment gateway or representative between the subscriber (telecom operator) and the content provider.

  • SMS billing development service is:
  • making payments from a mobile phone or wallet
    (amounts can be almost unlimited);
  • setting up the payment system;
  • low or no processing fees;
  • various types of payments;
  • work with aggregators and much more.

SMS billing does not have access to subscriber accounts. This is exclusively a function of the mobile operators. You can set up SMS payment , for short numbers using PaySoft services.