Ethereum blockchain smart contracts

The advent of cryptocurrency has completely changed people's perception of the financial system, smart contracts have been introduced, which have replaced lawyers regulating economic relations. The Ethereum platform has implemented its own blockchain to work with smart contacts, a cryptocurrency wallet is used. Our solution offers a cryptocurrency wallet with our smart contracts for doing business.


Smart Contact Properties

Smart contacts are software code that automatically controls the fulfillment of contractual obligations in blockchain technology. Its task is to exchange digital and other assets. Smart contacts have a wide range of uses, but are mainly used to verify that the parties have fulfilled their obligations correctly in the exchange process.

  • The main elements of smart contacts are:
  • signers;
  • the subject of the contract;
  • terms of an agreement.

The conclusion of commercial transactions is possible without intermediaries (purchase of tokens).


Crypto wallet Ethereum: characteristics and features

A cryptocurrency wallet is required to work with smart contracts. This is necessary both for concluding transactions and for storing tokens.

There are several options for creating a crypto wallet to work with the platform: web wallet, mobile wallet, cold wallet (closed private network for exchanging tokens that are stored on carriers). For the convenience of users, there is also a crypto wallet with an exchanger, which is a comprehensive solution for transferring to other currencies and other services. You can buy a crypto wallet from us and order the development of smart contacts with any characteristics.